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CoxMHP is a manufacturing company that has 20 plus years of experience in manufacturing low as well as high volume production, complex CNC machining, assembly and fabricating products. The employees at CoxMHP are well seasoned from a diverse set of offerings along with multiple business segments.


CoxMHP is well known for their ability to handle complex brazing. We specialize in both torch and induction brazing. CoxMHP brazes parts for the aerospace, electrical, automotive, and military industries. Trust the experience of CoxMHP to manufacture your brazed parts.


CoxMHP offers a wide variety of machining form high production runs to one of a kind job shop style production. CoxMHP provides: CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM Wire Cutting, Conventional Electrode Sinker, and many other machining processes. Please feel free to fill out a quote request or contact us to receive additional information.

Contract Manufacturer for Aerospace, Military, Commercial, Medical and Automotive Markets

CoxMHP is a full service machine shop contract manufacturer that makes and assembles precision parts, components, fixtures and assemblies for our customers in the Aerospace, Military, Medical, Commercial and Automotive markets.  We have an extensive experience in process automation and use these resources to deliver a reliable supply of parts and components that are delivered right and on time. CoxMHP is able to offer a variety of assembly and manufacturing services to create the parts or components our customers need. We use our core services such as Torch Brazing, Induction Brazing, Machining, Tubing, Welding, Assembly  CNC Milling, CNC Lathing, Aluminum Welding, Extrusion Cut To Length, Leak Testing and Quality Control Measurements. CoxMHP can deliver contract manufactured components to your project that are to specification.